25 Hilarious Times Boomers Didn’t Know How To Text, Bless Their Hearts

Baby boomers aren’t exactly renowned for their texting prowess. It took my mom a certain number of years to realize she didn’t need to sign her texts like letters (“Love, Mom”), but god love ’em, they sure do try. Anything they can do to get some extra time in with their kids, they’ll do!

We rounded up some ultra-sweet, ultra-‘oh-honey’ messages from Boomers. Let’s clutch our hearts and peruse.

1. Bewildering thumbs up

via reddit.com

2. Not a thing, ma

PrimaryBand / Reddit

3. The Bitmoji

hamsandwichman9 / Reddit

4. Tried to wish my aunt a happy birthday & got this back

bobjamesya / Reddit

5. Wrong person

UrFaveMcDonEmploye / Reddit

6. What do we do with the pics of QR codes?

BraedanEberhardTaken / Reddit

7. So threatening

SoKawaiiGirl / Reddit

8. Dad takes pictures of memes with his phone

pbmax542 / Reddit

9. Text me your #

Substantial-Hour6674 / Reddit

10. Oh no. 🙁

SailorSpaghetti / Reddit

11. “Ok”

12. Siri

13. The way they try emojis

14. What a ride

15. A life of its own!

16. So many layers

17. Why…

18. “K”

19. Two ol ladies

20. Texting






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