17 Men Who Were Proposed To By Their Girlfriends Share How They Feel About It

8. Spontaneous:

My Mum proposed to my Dad! In a pub, about 2 months after dating. He said no until he found a steady job and could support them …. 2 weeks later he found full time work and said they could get married! They celebrated 30 years together in May. I love them so much!

7. Easily convinced:

It was great. We had lived together for about a year, and one Sunday afternoon we were sitting on the couch talking shit, and she started talking about how women could use boobs to get men to do literally anything.

I argued that she was wrong and we weren’t that simple. She sat on my lap facing me, lifted up her shirt and said “will you marry me?” I was sworn to secrecy afterwards, but I’m pretty sure Reddit doesn’t count.

6. Loved!

I melted. Happiest moment of my life. Didn’t once occur to me what the conventional norm was supposed to be. Didn’t feel emasculated or anything. Just felt so loved.

Actually, I did at one point think, ‘fuck, getting proposed to is the best feelings in the world, fuck me, I can’t do this for her now. Fuuuuuck, how do I make her feel as loved as she is making me feel in this moment. FUCK. This love shit is so hard.’

Unfortunately, she passed away 5-months after that, and I never did get to wait for her at the end of the aisle.

5. Not emasculated.

I wasn’t really planning on proposing but one day while surfing the web I found this ring that was exactly his style and even had customizable runes (he is a die hard lover of all viking stuff) and I knew I just had to get it. I bought two rings, invited him to our favourite restaurant and after dessert I popped the question.

No, I didn’t get down on one knee or announce it for everyone to hear. My husband got so happy and yelled out “oh shit awesome!” when I showed him the rings aaaaaand…. He popped a boner that lasted all the way home and he was such in high spirit that he decided that we should have a bake off.

Spent the rest of the evening gaming and stuffing ourself with cake and buns :-))) I was worried that he would feel emasculated and stuff but he said that he’s really happy to have such a cool engagement ring and he has never been one to think that by being a MAN you had to do MANLY stuff and not be “overshadowed” by women.

He still tell me almost daily how much he likes being married and now we have a kid coming our way so I guess everything is really nice!

4. Relaxed:

My mom proposed to my dad. They are still married after 30 years. My dad had been married twice previously and my mother once before.

He said he never wanted to get married again and she said fuck that. So one day, when my dad got back from work on the railroad she was waiting for him with a steak and some scotch and she asked him and he said “okay”. The end.

3. Very, very happy:

I was made the happiest man that day. Twice!

Long story if you are interested: It was the day of my final exam of my 3 year apprenticeship. She took the day off and was more nervous than me when we had coffee together. I was sure she was nervous for the same reason as I was and didn’t pay much attention as my mind was occupied by the exam.

2 hours later: I passed the exam and we were standing outside with a colleague having a smoke and talking. And talking. And another cigarette. I was just so relieved and felt light as air and happy to not have a single thing on my mind than ‘I did it’. My girlfriend though was shuffling her feet not really taking part in the conversation.

After what must have been hours for her she asked what I wanted to do. Going downtown, shopping or grab something to eat, I didn’t care at all! She drove to the record store first. We walked to the window to have a look at the recordplayers as we were thinking about getting a new one.

‘How do you like that one?’ she asked pointing at one in the back. There was sign next to it with my name on it. And bright as I am I said ‘It has my name on it‘ ‘What else?’ It had ‘Let’s face the music an dance’ written on it. I just stared blank at it and then at her having not the foggiest.

She said ‘Now that you are a Technician I wanted to ask you if you also want to be my man?’ I said I would love to! Hugs and kisses. When I looked at the player again I noticed three of the staff standing behind it smiling and cheering with a bottle of Champaign and glasses.

It was a 11/10 day!

2. Resigned:

My wife proposed to me 4+ years ago because she knew I wouldn’t do it. Secretly, I had always told my friends that the only way I was going to get married was if a girl proposed to me… As far as I know, she didn’t know this. Worked out!

1. :’)

My gf said “if your friend Matt and his gf get married before us that’s BS.” I said “are you proposing?” She wasn’t but got down on one knee anyway and did. I cried. She’s made me a happy man.