Artist Hilariously Trolls People Who Ask Him To Draw A Portrait Of Them For Free

Whenever you order or purchase something from a person or company that requires labor, they most likely-99.9% of the time–will charge you for it. Not everything in life is free, people. Especially when it comes to products that are hand-made.
Social media and the Internet is a great place for artists and creators to market their products, however, it can also be toxic for them when people start to believe they can request things for absolutely no cost. We’ve seen in the past where people have tried to “get one over” on vendors and artists, haggling them to charge less (or nothing at all). We bring you now the case of UK artist Jon Arton.

Arton shares his portraits and other works of stunning art on his Instagram page. Recently, people have begun to notice that his portraits are drop-dead beautiful, and want to have him draw photos and portraits of themselves.


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@2pac drawn in ballpoint pen. Hope you like it guys!

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However, many are requesting them “for free.” Instead of completely ignoring them, Arton is drawing people for free–in the best way possible.

Like, when this girl asked for a free drawing.

I’m sure she didn’t expect this brilliant work of art.

Or, this girl.


Of course, he can make an exception!

No problem, ladies.

People even asked for portraits of other people.

Does everyone online think that everything in life is free?

Come on, y’all.

Maybe people will learn their lesson–if you want someone to draw you (or do anything else for you), you should pay them, people.

h/t: Jon Arton Instagram.