Article About Men’s Favorite Words To Hear In The Sack Takes A Hilarious Turn Thanks To Twitter

When it comes to love and romance, people are always looking for ways to be “perfect.” Many times, this involves browsing the web for some crowd-sourced articles where men and women will tell you exactly what they’re looking for–allowing us to find ourselves the perfect person (or, keep our person happy).
While these kinds of articles and posts can be successful, sometimes, they can totally backfire once they hit the web. Like, this article from The Daily Star about the “three words men love to hear in bed.”

Sure, the actual article itself is filled with phrases like “please don’t stop,” and “that feels good.”

But, Twitter had some other ideas for this juicy topic.

So, the next time you’re in bed with your man and you’re looking to really, really spice things up–why not try one of these brilliant takes on “dirty talk?” You never know, it may totally pay off.