Anti-Vaxx Dad Gets Roasted For Asking Advice On Putting 2-Year-Old In ‘Outside Bedroom’

Anti-vaxxer parents truly are a mystery. There’s tons of scientific evidence of the benefits of vaccines (like your child not dying of a preventable disease, that’s a pretty big one) but instead of listening to the recommendations of the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), some parents choose not to vaccinate, because they’re paranoid about possible side effects from ingredients in the vaccines. There’s absolutely no scientific evidence that backs up any danger, but there are memes on the internet, and itseems a lot of parents have chosen the memes over doctors.

So a lot of parents choose to put their kids (and other kids, ones who can’t get vaccinated because of problems with their immune systems) at risk. But when they decide to ask questions on the internet, seeking advice from other parents, that’s when things get silly. Since there’s no point trying to argue with an anti-vaxxer (I think that’s one of the official rules of Twitter), other parents tend to just roast the ones who post these inane questions.

One dad (I think dad?) recently posted a question on the Internet, looking to build an “outdoor bedroom” for his 2-year-old son, Jericho. Now, this is almost too funny to be true, so there’s always the chance that this person is straight-up trolling to begin with. Because come on. An outdoor bedroom? For a 2-year-old? And mentioning that he likes the color yellow? It’s just too good.

The post, attributed to someone named “Jonny,” reads:

“The weather is getting nicer. My son, Jericho (not vaccinated), never wants to make it in by curfew. I am planning on moving his bedroom outside. I’m not looking for this post to turn into a debate, REBECCA. Just looking for recommendations for outdoor furniture for 2 year old boys room. His favorite color is yellow.”

I’m still dying laughing at “Rebecca.”

People responded with some really great comebacks, not so much roasting the dad as building on the ridiculousness of his post. The names they came up with are pure genius.


People had questions about this “Rebecca.”


Other people were psyched to find out it was okay to let their kids live outside.

At least the dog is vaccinated.

Someone pointed out a study where a tribe of people would kick kids out of the home at a young age, but at least they waited until the kid was three, for Pete’s sake. I mean, be civilized about it.

The name Jericho is hilarious, but also refers to a destroyed city.

So, trolling parent or real imbecile? We’ll probably never know. That’s the fun of the internet!

h/t: Bored Panda

Jessie Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.