American Eagle And Aerie Have Stopped Photoshopping Their Models And We Love It

Throughout the years, women have felt insecure in their bodies and their looks. Why? As the years and decades have progressed, magazines and advertisements have featured models and influencers who are airbrushed, photoshopped, and edited to the point where they don’t even look real. No woman walks the world with absolutely no cracks, crevices, or wrinkles on their body and it’s time that we stop with the bullsh*t and start embracing women’s real bodies.

Luckily, some companies are putting the right foot forward and showing women that natural is beautiful. Recently, American Eagle and Aerie have decided to showcase models and women with no photoshop and no airbrushing. The results? Amazing.

The #AerieREAL campaign features women, not only without photoshop, but also with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and of all sizes.

They’ve also featured natural women with no edits in their underwear ads, bra ads, and swimsuit ads. Recently, one photo has gone viral on Reddit because people are shocked to see natural bodies—noticing that elbow wrinkles, and butt wrinkles, are real.

People on Reddit were leaving comments on all the things they never noticed in women—like, elbow creases. Additionally, women think the photos are inspiring and have helped them become more comfortable with their own bodies.

It’s a unique experience seeing the elbow skin creases. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture with those.


Comforting to see I’m not the only one in the world that skin thing by the bra happens to.


The more I see these honest photos, the closer I get to being brave enough to wear my swimsuit in public.


I even like that she has a bruise. Cause we are humans and bump into things and it’s normal!


Thank you Aerie and American Eagle, us women all over the world thank you.