People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

People who look like cartoon characters are a special breed because it's likely they've actually crossed over from the animated dimension to the real world. If you look like a cartoon character, the good news is you're officially immortal. If you don't look like a cartoon character, you should probably start working on that. Like today.

Seriously, if you don't look like a cartoon character in real life, you're doing something wrong, and you're never going to hold a steady job. You'll also never have a chance to date The Little Mermaid or Sterling Archer. And let's be honest, if one of your life goals isn't dating Ariel or Sterling Archer, it's time to rethink your every aspect of your life.

Below you will see Spongebob, He-Man, Peter Griffin, and even Eric Cartman in real life. Humans who are way cooler than any of us can ever hope to be. These are the funniest photos of cartoon characters in real life that exist on the interwebs.


The Hills Have Eyes

Did I Stutter!

Giggity Giggity!

Damn Dora!

Maid to Order


What About Bob?

Shopping Cart

Peter Man

Scooby Don't!

Ogre Rated

They Took Our Jobs!

Tony The Tiger

Marsh Life


Sponge Worthy

Boy Story

No Butts About It

Up an Away!

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