Male and Female Celebrities Who Totally Look Alike (GALLERY)

In theory, we're all kinda related if you believe in the whole Adam and Eve theory, and the internet has photos of male and female celebrities who totally look alike to prove it. There are also photos of celebrities who totally look like dogs and cats on the interwebs, so what does is all mean? While you ponder important questions like this for the rest of the day, make sure you "boop" somebody on the nose, because recent studies have shown that nose booping activates a human's alien alter ego. kesha john travolta

Ke$ha & John Travolta


female celebrities

Julia Roberts & Stephen Tyler


justin bieber miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber


conan tilda swinton

Tilda Swinton & Conan O'Brien


tom hanks look alike

Tom Hanks & Juliette Lewis


male celebrities

Elijah Wood & Mischa Barton


clea duvall josh harnett

Clea Duvall & Josh Harnett


ozzy penny marshall

Ozzy Osbourne & Penny Marshall


daniel day lewis jennifer connelly

Daniel Day Lewis & Jennifer Connelly


female celebrities who look like female celebrities

Dr. Richard Dawkins & Emma Watson


glenn close george washington

Glenn Close & George Washington


jared leto look alike

Jared Leto & Courtney Cox


celebrity look alikes

Maria Shriver & Willem Dafoe


male female celebritiy doppelgangers

Jennifer Aniston & Iggy Pop


christoper walken scarlett johansson

Christopher Walken & Scarlett Johansson


kathy griffin carrot top

Kathy Griffin & Carrot Top


sarah jessica parker look alike

Sarah Jessia Parker & Roger Daltrey


male celebs who look like female celebs

Victoria Beckham & Falcor

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