Woman Catches Date Calling Someone Nicknamed “Rachel 7/10 BJ” In His Phone

TikToker Anna Malygon (@maligoshik) recently went on a date — no story there! But when her date stepped out of the car to take a call from “his mom”, things got a little more interesting.

See, this guy’s Bluetooth was still connected to the car and the infotainment center made it QUITE clear that he was not talking to his mother. Nope, he was talking to, as he labeled her, “Rachel BJ 7/10”.

Anna shared the image on TikTok in a now-viral video that has over 20 million views. She captioned the clip, “what should I do :)))”

And TikTokers were not shy about their answers! They joked that she should drive the car off — apparently running over the date.

maligoshik / TikTok

“Just drive forward babe,” one user quipped. Another made the same suggestion, “Put the car in drive?”

Another wondered, jokingly, if she had the entire situation all wrong and it was instead “Rachael from Brazilian jujitsu class (bj). He 7-10 against her.”

Someone else offered a truly vicious solution. Press ‘Add call’, and add his actual mum,” they suggested.

Still others were amazed that Anna was even still sitting in the car.

“How are you still sitting in the car. My crazy would come out so fast,” one user wrote in.

And, of course, because it’s the internet… Other people figured the video is fake. One person thought the person outside the car was not even a man.

“I know a girl in a hoodie when i see one,” one user wrote. Someone else added that they “literally noticed right away.”

maligoshik / TikTok

Others spotted the phone caller’s nails, citing that this wouldn’t be the first staged TikTok.

Not that that’s anything unusual; TikTok has plenty of content designed to be “real” that isn’t.

What do you think — was this a real video or did Anna hoodwink us all?