40 Times “Accidental Camouflage” Took Us A Minute To Figure Out

Accidental camouflage happens when something unintentionally blends in with it’s background perfectly. Honestly, it’s pretty cool. Reddit group r/accidentalcamoflage shares all the best examples of people blending in when they really didn’t mean to.

It turns out you don’t need a Ghillie suit to blend in after all.

1. The perfect hiding spot.

2. Destined to find this escalator!

3. “I almost stepped on him.”

4. “Definitely lost my tortilla for a minute.”

5. “I thought the chair was broken.”

6. “The present perfectly matched my outfit!”

7. “My husband found a new family at Disneyland.”

8. “Invisible man in the suit.”

9. “Marble floor probably wasn’t the best idea.”

10. “Spent half an hour unsuccessfully looking for my sweatshirt.”

11. “I dropped my glasses.”

12. Don’t step on him.

13. “Yes, my dad is in the picture even if it looks like he’s part of the painting.”

14. “She’s just a floating top.”

15. He’s the perfect size.

16. The perfect camouflage.

17. He was born to sit here.

18. “When you have to go to a public event, but you don’t want to be seen.”

19. There is a cell phone in this photo.

20. He wanted to be one with the sea.

21. “My shirt does a fine job of blending my in with the flowers.”

22. Some free extra protein I guess!

23. “My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

24. “I lost my straw while making an iced coffee.”

25. “My pants blended in perfectly with the floor pattern.”

26. “Tell Tintin we found his dog.”

27. “My scarf matched the hotel carpet perfectly.”

28. “Camewflage”

29. “V O I D kitty”

30. Dog with a Starbucks cup on it’s snout.

31. “My rainbows were meant for this barstool.”

32. “This pan matches the counters perfectly.”

33. “I almost couldn’t see what she had made.”

34. “What coffee cup?”

35. “This woman was waiting for her flight at the airport.”

36. “Sometimes I feel invisible.”

37. “Furniture shopping. This feels meant to be.”

38. “My shoes perfectly match the gym floor.”

39. “Left my wallet where I would never find it again.”

40. “I lost my remote for like 3 days.”

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