Celebrities With Unibrows (30 PHOTOS)

Thursday, 30 July 2015 19:00
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In some cultures a unibrow is a sign of virility and disconnected eyebrows are a symbol of virginity. In some cultures they only eat vomit, so the lesson here is cats can be really annoying.


Justin Bieber

justin bieber unibrow



Christian Bale

christian bale unibrow



beyonce unibrow


Megan Fox

megan fox unibrow


Will Ferrell

will ferrell unibrow



Sylvester Stallone

sylvester stallone unibrow


Steve Carell

steve carell unibrow


Kate Upton

kate upton unibrow


Chris Hardwick

 unibrow chris hardwick


Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian unibrow


Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus unibrow


Kanye West

kanye west unibrow


Robert Pattinson

edward cullen unibrow


Jay Leno

jay leno unibrow


Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez unibrow


Barack Obama

barack obama unibrow


Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart unibrow


Jimmy Kimmel

jimmy kimmel unibrow


Kate Middleton

kate middleton unibrow


Jon Hamm

jonh hamm unibrow


Milk Kunis

mila kunis unibrow


Ryan Seacrest

ryan seacrest unibrow


Tom Cruise

tom cruise unibrow


Russell Brand

russell brand unibrow


Charles Barkley

charles barkley unibrow


John Travolta

john travolta unibrow


Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen unibrow


Ricky Gervais

ricky gervais unibrow


Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gyllenhaal unibrow



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