White People Acting Extremely White (20 PHOTOS)

Monday, 17 February 2014 20:00
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Epic White Guy Epic White Guy

Many Caucasians were harmed in the making of this photo gallery.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Eat Some Mayonnaise

white people acting really white


The Standard-Issue Midwest White Dad Uniform

white dad photo


The Dreaded White Tube Socks/Mandles Combo

dad socks sandals


Mad Men Theme Parties

mad men theme party


Endless "Jorts" Love

jean shorts funny


No Homo Drunken Shaming

drunk shame photo


Frisbee or Frolf Anyone?

leaping lanny poffo


The Matching Christmas Sweaters Family

family portrait sweaters


The Canadian Tuxedo

canadian tuxedo


Oh Lawd Have Mercy!

white people dancing


Keeping It No So Real

white guy fail


Meet The Mustaches

mustache family photo


 No Caption Required

epic white guy fails


Let's Jazzercise!

funny jorts photo


FCC Tested, White People Approved

friends cast photo


 Caucasian Camel Toe Without A F*ck Given That Day

white guy bus photo


Hello, We're The Happiest Family In The Whole Wide World

family portrait white


Hey Fellas, I Here This Is Where The Women Are At Tonight!

epic white guy


 Because Sometimes Four Popped-Collars Just Aren't Enough

popped collar fail


The Whitest Band You Know

album cover hall and oates


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