What If All Celebrities Were Redheads (GALLERY)

In honor of St Patrick's Day 2017, we decided to take a look into a world where all celebrities had a little Irish flavor and it's pretty much just as scary was we thought it would be. These amazing photoshops come courtesy of the amazing tumblr blog "Put a Rang on It."

taylor swift ginger

ricky gervais ginger

sean connery ginger

arianna grande ginger

celebrity gingers

scarlett johansson red hair

ryan gosling ginger


kim kardashian ginger

 kanye west ginger

ellen degeneres redhead

celebrity redheads

charlize theron ginger


chris hemsworth redhead

game of thrones gingers

chris pratt ginger

celebrities as redheads

celebrities turned ginger


angelina jolie ginger

antonio banderas ginger

justin timberlake ginger

jennifer lopez ginger

matthew mcconaughey redhead

margot robbie ginger

neil degrasse tyson ginger

keira knightley ginger

leonardo dicaprio ginger

madonna redhead

nicolas cage ginger

johnny depp redhead

robert pattinson ginger






tommy lee jones ginger


justin bieber ginger

jonah hill ginger

beyonce red hair

pharrell ginger

morgan freeman redhead

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Stock Photos Are Way Better With Captions (GALLERY)

Outside of banking industry, stock photography might be one of the most corrupt businesses on the planet. An entire enterprise built on forcing out-of-work actors to perform unspeakable acts on camera while charging the advertising industry outrageous sums of money for the right to use these photographic crimes against humanity. If you've ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone human was on Prozac, stock photography has the answer

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This Is Why Photoshop Was Invented (20 PICTURES)

If you're gonna mess around with that fancy photoshop device, you might as well do something that's going to make a difference in the world. You know, like Cookie Dough...

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25 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With The Internet All Over Again (GALLERY)

If you feel like you've been falling out of love with the internet lately, here's your chance to look into its eyes and rekindle the love you once felt for each other. Think about the first time you used the internet. You gently touched your mouse, clicked on that browser and started typing sweet nothings on your keyboard. The internet looked backed at you and said, "hey bro, is this what you've been looking for your whole life?" Yeah, that magi

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Protest Signs We Can All Get Behind (GALLERY)

What do we want? Protest signs we can all get behind! When do we want them? Eh, whenever you get around to it, quite frankly. They're funny and all, but looking at them won't really change...

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