Honest Valentine’s Day Cards (20 PICTURES)

They say the key to a successful relationship is honesty but it also has a lot to do with liking to do cool stuff with another person that doesn't involve clothing of any kind. With Valentine's Day 2017 right around the corner, we thought it was time we all got a little more honest with that special someone.

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The 25 Most ‘Unbeweavable’ Hair Weaves of All Time (GALLERY)

Do you be-weave in hair miracles? Well, you're about to witness the most unbeweavable hair weaves of all time. These aren't you grandma's hair weaves. These are weaves so good they might part your hair right down the middle, Moses style. Are you looking for a Doritos weave? We've got one of those? How about a Skittle weave? Not a problem. And if you're already in the Christmas spirit, we've got a Christmas weave that's right up your alley.

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22 Words of Wisdom from Kids (GALLERY)

The funny thing about becoming an adult is that our brains tend to overcomplicate things. In fact, one could argue that human beings tend to be more rational during their childhood, rather than their formative adult years. If you're currently searching for some words of wisdom, look no further than these funny memes and pictures of words of wisdom from kids. Or you can just ask the nearest kid his opinion on an issue you're currently dealing w

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Sometimes Dark Humor Is The Best Humor (GALLERY)

Today we shed a little light on the dark side of humor. The path to the dark side is quick and easy. All you have to do is get rid of that pesky little...

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Revenge Is A Dish Best… Well, Served (GALLERY)

The people who say revenge is never worth it are the people who simply aren't good at pulling off a proper revenge. I'm not saying you should hang out with those types of people, but it sure is funny to watch them work their magic from a...

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