The 50 Funniest Sticker Placements Ever (GALLERY)

People with price tag guns are armed and socially dangerous.

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The 50 Funniest Moments In Photoshop History (GALLERY)

Sure, Photoshop was primarily invented to make people look way hotter than they really are, but it was also invented to create an amazing internet world... a world that we all secretly wish we actually lived in. Today we celebrate Photoshop and everything it's done to make the wo

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The 21 Funniest Shark Memes Ever (GALLERY)

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Celebrities With Donald Trump’s Eyes and Mouth (GALLERY)

If you've always secretly wondered what celebrities would look like with Donald Trump's eyes and mouth, today is your lucky day. This is all your fault because nobody in their right mind would take the time to create a bunch of photoshops like this unless they were completely insane. Now go to your room, and don't come out for at least an hour.

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Singularity Memes Are Funny… Especially If You’re Part Robot (GALLERY)

What is the Singularity? Well, generally speaking, it's the belief that all humans will have to become part robotic in the future in order to survive the inevitable "A.I. Robot Apocalypse of 2069." The good news is we have tons of time to become half robot, and honestly, why would we fight it at this point? We can replace all of our important organs with superior robotic replicas so we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. We can also look

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