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The 20 Dumbest Products On Amazon.com

Speaking of which, I need to buy a new pair of Dave Coulier slippers and some used Cinnamon Toaster Strudel. DVD rewinder   UFO Detector  

gay attraction body mist

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deer butt amazon

dr johns famous pee

stop eating poop

knitting with dog hair

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amazon funny music

vagina exerciser

goats in trees calendar

uranium ore

penis extender

used condoms

home gastric bypass kit

dave coulier button

amazon product fails

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They Said I Could Be Anything (21 PICTURES)

Kids, you can be anything you want in life except for Scott Baio. He's simply reached a level of awesomeness so great that it's humanly impossible for anyone to ever achieve it...

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20 Photos That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself (GALLERY)

If you're ever feeling bad about yourself just remember, things could be worse. You could be one of these people. And once you're done looking at these 20 photos, make sure you thank the God of the Internet for making you feel better about yourself. His name is "Darren

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The 20 Funniest Moments In Cheetos History (GALLERY)

Today we celebrate "National Junk Food Day" by honoring arguably the greatest junk food of all time... Cheetos. There are so many things wrong with Cheetos and their Flaming Hot brother, yet we ignore them because they're Cheetos and our mouth demands them on a regular basis with no regard for the quality of life of our fingers. And call me crazy, but every time I open a bag of

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Cosplayers On Tight Budgets (25 PHOTOS)

Comic-Con 2017 officially kicked off today and if you're attending, let this photo gallery serve as a friendly reminder to that you should never hate the Cosplayer, but you definitely have the right to hate on the Cosplayer game.

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