22 Behind The Scenes Photos From Iconic TV Sitcoms (GALLERY)

It's time to go behind-the-scenes and witness what sitcoms never wanted you to see. I mean, not really but it just sounds cooler that way, right?

saved by the bell behind the scenes

Saved By The Bell

whos the boss behind the scenes

Who's The Boss

parks and rec behind the scenes

Parks & Recreation

cheers behind the scenes


the office behind the scenes

The Office

friends behind the scenes


scrubs behind the scenes


30 rock behind the scenes

30 Rock

how i met your mother behind the scenes

How I Met Your Mother

home improvement behind the scenes

Home Improvement

different strokes behind the scenes

Different Strokes

all in the family

All In The Family

 behind the scenes full house

Full House

behind the scenes always sunny

It's Always Sunny In Philadephia

everybody loves raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond

malcom in the middle behind the scenes

Malcom In The Middle

community behind the scenes


cosby show behind the scenes

The Cosby Show

fresh prince behind the scenes

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

curb enthusiasm behind the scenes

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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