20 Vintage Movie Lunch Boxes (GALLERY)

Go back to a time when kids used to carry their lunches to school in rusty, metal movie lunch boxes like civilized adults. Behold, the 20 greatest vintage movie lunch boxes ever!  

ET lunchbox

back to the future lunchvbox

indiana jones lunch box

gramlins lunch box

jurassic park lunch box

dark crystak lunch box

return of the jedi lunch box

karate kid lunch box

last starfighter lunch bo

clash of the titans lunch vox

rambo lunch box

ghostbusters lunch box

goonies lunch box

star trek lunch box

close encounters lunch box

star wars lunchboxes

superman movie lunch box

james bond lunch box

planet of the apes lunch box


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27 Memes That Prove We’re Completely Addicted to Smartphones (GALLERY)

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Summertime is the Best Time For “Summer Memes” (GALLERY)

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Fictitionial Character Selfies (20 PICTURES)

In honor of National Selfie Day 2017 (yes, this actually exists now and it's all your fault), we proudly present this collection of the greatest fictional character selfies know to internet mankind. You know the selfie craze is officially out of control when characters from the alternate universe are starting to take them too because they don't actually exist, and arguably, neither do you on the...

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Actors Originally Cast In Famous Movie Roles (GALLERY)

Casting the right actor for the part in a major Hollywood motion picture is kinda like trying on a new pair of shoes. First, you sit the actor down on a cheap, black pleather couch, ask them for proof that their eighteen, and then you tell the actor that they have to suck your... wait, sorry I'm thinking of the other film...

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