31 Old School Parenting Photos That Would Probably Get Parents Arrested Today

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11. “Back in the day. 1950s to be exact. Check out that car seat.”

12. “My mother-in-law riding a bear at 2 years old.”

13. “My dad showing off his parenting skills 1985.”

14. “Me back in 1991 just your typical Aussie kid drinking XXXXlight beer and holding a baby crocodile!”

15. “California marijuana initiative rally 1972. That’s me in the box and my parents in the picture.”

16. “Me, 1958, relaxing after my bath with Toby, I was never again this cool.”

17. The ultimate BMX mom.

18. “Car seat safety in 1958. Not strapped into anything, these seats relied on the mother to put her arm out and stop the baby from falling forward.”

19. “Harley with a baby seat, 1962.”

20. “My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s.”