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If anyone is interested in investing in a "Death Metal Massage Parlor," please let me know.
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Music producer "Crank Lucas" proves once and for all that too many of today's rappers rap about Applebee's and Banana…
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This Uber fact is totally true unless you're listening to Creed.
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Help us celebrate making fun of the kids all over the world who have to go back to school with…
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Her name is Sonya Belousova and she ain't afraid of no Walking Dead.
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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 18:16

Kanye West Vs. Freddie Mercury (VIDEO)

Kanye's claim last week in Glastonbury that he's the "greatest living rockstar on the planet" might just taken a serious…
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Because everyone knows it's virtually impossible to properly hit a tennis ball in 2015 without making load noises.
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If this video doesn't convince you top stop making copies of your floppies in 2015, nothing will.
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This is also known as "Occam's Nickleback Razor."
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And if Rapper "High-Res" is smart he'll change his name to "Biggie Mac" immediately.
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