The Funniest Free Throw Distractions in College Basketball History (GALLERY)

Free throw distractions have become an art form over the years in college basketball. Students used to simply wave their hands in distracting ways and scream obscenities to distract free throw shooters of opposing teams, but that is no longer the case thanks to modern printing technology. NCAA college basketball student sections now have distraction assistance in the form of famous celebrity heads, dudes in Speedos, and even space cats. In honor of the start of March Madness tomorrow, we decided it was time to honor the funniest free throw distraction in college basketball history.

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The 50 Greatest Bumper Stickers Of All Time (GALLERY)

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24 Fictional Characters Who Really Let Themselves Go (GALLERY)

Just because they're fictional characters doesn't mean they're not capable of "letting themselves go" just like human celebrities. You're probably lying in bed right now reading this trying to polish off the last two slices of the deep dish Domino's pizza you knew you shouldn't have ordered for the second day in a row because you're too lazy to drive five minutes to the store. I'm just kidding, silly. You look fabulous and don't let anyone tell y

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The 25 Most ‘Unbeweavable’ Hair Weaves of All Time (GALLERY)

Do you be-weave in hair miracles? Well, you're about to witness the most unbeweavable hair weaves of all time. These aren't you grandma's hair weaves. These are weaves so good they might part your hair right down the middle, Moses style. Are you looking for a Doritos weave? We've got one of those? How about a Skittle weave? Not a problem. And if you're already in the Christmas spirit, we've got a Christmas weave that's right up your alley.

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