The 20 Greatest Mascot Fails Of All Time

Monday, 29 October 2012 18:00
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Every day is Halloween for these magnificent bastards.


#20 Raptors Mascot Slide And Slide - Raptor fall down go boom.



#19 Mascot "Sammie The Owl" Gets Ejected - Kinda makes you wonder if he hit the showers still wearing the owl costume.


#18 Elementary School Mascot Terrorizes Assembly - And he wasn't allowed tater tots for a week after that.


#17 Mascot Piggyback Ride Endly Badly - Good thing he wasn't running with scissors.


#16 Bingo The Bumblebee Gets Stung - And it's the one place on a male mascot where it stings the most.



#15 Mascot Gymnastics Faceplant - He will not star in American Anthem 2 with Janes Jones.


#14 Utah Jazz Mascot Takes The Stairway To Hell -


#13 Mr. Red Loses His Head - And it's might be one of the only concussions in mascot history.


#12 Wisconsin Mascot Owned By Male Cheerleader - The male ego rarely recovers from being owned by a male cheerleader.


#11 Mascot Gets Crotch Spiked - When you're wearing a giant fake head, you have to keep your head on a swivel.



#10 Mascot Moonwalks Off The Dugout -


#9 The Dreaded Mascot Nutshot - What happens in Utah stays in Utah.


#8 Mascot Tears His ACL - Most mascots are never the same after an injury like this.


#7 Jazz Mascot And The Birthday Cake Massacre - Where's Mark Eaton when you need him.


#6 Epic Mascot Dunk Fail - Exercise balls and jumping don't mix.


#5 Banana Mascot Gets Schooled By Security Guard - And peanut butter jelly time hasn't been the same since.


#4 The Father Of The Mother Of All Mascot Fights! - Sure some of them are stage, but the Oregon Ducks teabagging the Washington State Cougar makes this one seem awfully personal.




#3 Pacers Mascot Goes "Chocolate Thunder" On Local High School - And it's the most national press the Pacers organization has gotten in years.


#2 Daredebvil Ducks Mascot Vs. Ring Of Fire - Good thing he was surrounded by ice.



#1 The Mariner Moose Breaks His Ankle - Well it took an hour to find the damn clip but here it is. Must be a SOPA thing. (fast forward to the 0:30 mark to see the worst injury in mascot history)




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