Around The Interweb - Friday, July 6th

Friday, 06 July 2012 16:55
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Today's Around The Interweb includes: seniors reacting to dubstep, the 50 most viral photos of the week, and another drive thru rap!

Heavy1 Star Wars Meets Game of Thrones in Light Saber Dual

daily what The Lonliest Planet Trailer

tosh He Likes His Mayonnaise On the Side

linkiest 7 Unhappy Truths About Politicians

MaximLogo Do Guys Like Dumb Girls?

bro buzz This ‘Super Soaker’ Short Will Bring You Back

SI Federer Advances to the Finals

viral viral videos logo Seniors React to Dubstep

unreality Dr. Seuss Expands His Horizons

mask Kickboxer Nearly Has His Nose Kicked Off

tasefully offensive logo Pedestrian Pigeon Uses a Crosswalk

double A Conversation With Myself

cage Don’t Worry, Steven Seagal Has Some Last-Second UFC 148 Trolling

guyism logo 50 most viral photos of the week

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