It’s Not Easy Being Lazy (25 PICTURES)

If you love being lazy, then these photos of extremely lazy people and lazy life hacks are the perfect recipe for your current state of extreme laziness. I'd write more but I know you're too lazy to read and I'm too lazy to write more words. Oh, and Happy National Lazy Day!

lazy level expert

lazy funny

lazy fat

laziness level 38

laziness level murica

laziness level over 9000


lazy america

lazy kid

lazy murica

lazy person

lazy pics

lazy pictures

lazy security guard

lazy woman

lazy level college

lazy dude

lazy dog

lazy animals

laziness level walmart

laziness level meme

laziness level canada

laziness level asian

lazy george lucas

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The 50 Weirdest Things Ever Found In Textbooks (GALLERY)

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25 Photos of White People Acting Extremely White (GALLERY)

Warning: Many Caucasians were harmed in the making of this photo gallery. Don't worry, they weren't harmed physically, just psychologically. They didn't know it at the time these photos were taken that they'd be part of what many people consider to be the "whitest" white people photos in human history. If you're having a hard time seeing right now, it's probably because you're currently being "blinded by the...

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