The 50 Worst NFL Fan Tattoos Of All Time (GALLERY)

The 2017 NFL playoffs start tomorrow, and since we've all overdosed on fantasy football, we decided it was time to take a moment and mock some NFL superfans instead. 

manning brother tattoos

cardinals fan tattoo

cowboys fan tattoo

tom brady butt tattoo

lions super bowl tattoo

john elway tattoo

worst colts tattoo

worst lip tattoo

worst steelers tattoo

tummy tattoo fail

tom brady tattoo

redskins teeth tattoo

tebow tattoo

johnny unitas tattoo

lions fan tattoo

patriots tattoo

titans tattoo fail

tampa bay bucs tattoo

RG3 tattoo

patriots fan tattoo

raiders fan tattoo fail

eagles fan tattoo

rams tattoo fail

ravens fan tattoo

texans fan tattoo

tebow praying tattoo

saints fan tattoo

redskins tramp stamp

san francisco 49ers tattoo

al davis tattoo

bears ramp stamp

packers favre tattoo

bills fan tattoo

bengals fan tattoo

browns fan tattoo

cowboys tattoo

eagles fan tattoo fail

lions megatron tattoo

nfl head tattoo

cowboys tattoo fail

dallas cowboys superfan

steelers girl tattoo

jaguars fan tattoos

stevie johnson tattoo

colts fan tattoo

worst 49ers fan tattoo

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Famous Politicians As Superheroes (GALLERY)

In honor of Preisdent's Day 2017, we proudly present a gallery of famous politicians as superheroes because it appears that today's political landscape has officially run out of heroes.

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The Ultimate U.S. President Fails Compilation (VIDEO)

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Family Feud In Exactly Three Minutes (VIDEO)

Minus all the B.S., Youtoober Gorgeous Wig just revealed you can watch an episode of Family Feud in exactly three minutes. If you listen closely, you can hear Steve Harvey's mustache looking for a new game show...

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It’s Time For Your Monday Morning Photo Orgy (GALLERY)

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