Last Known Living Photos Of Famous Celebrities (GALLERY)

April is all about celebrating the after life so we decided it was time to take a look at the last known living photos of celebrities before they departed planet Earth.  

 last photo of elvis


last photo of heath ledger

Heath Ledger

last photo of marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe

last known photo of kurt cobain

Kurt Cobain

last photo of john lennon

John Lennon

last photos of celebs

Bob Marley

last photo robin williams

Robin Williams

last photo of tupac

Tupac Shakur

last photo of albert einstien

Albert Einstein

last photo of lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

last photo of anne frank

Anne Frank

last photo steve irwin

Steve Irwin

last photo richard pryor

Richard Pryor

last photo of jimi hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

last photo of celebrities

Freddie Mercury

last photo steve jobs

Steve Jobs

last photo of hitler

Adolf Hitler


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27 Things We’re All Guilty Of Doing (GALLERY)

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Cats in Russia (GALLERY)

Have you ever wondered what cats in Russia looked like? Why? Seriously, why would that thought ever cross your mind? Well, there's a good bet that you just Googled "Russian Cats" or "Cats in Russia," and that's why you're here right now. The good news is we have what your brain desires. Pictures of cats in Russia and cats wearing Russian garb. Enjoy, you crazy...

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